Top 5 Types Of Juice To Lose Weight And Detoxify The Body Effectively

If you know how to make the best use of the juices below, not only can the body be detoxed, but the weight will also reduce “lags.”

Fruits and vegetables are essential for the body, providing nutrients and abundant vitamins. However, eating lots of fruits and vegetables to get enough nutrients is not good for everyone. Juice was born to solve the problem thoroughly when you only need to drink 1 glass of juice to be full of the required substance.

1. What is juice?

Juice is the type that extracts water and nutrients from plant products such as vegetables, tubers, fruits but eliminates fiber. Without fiber, nutrients are absorbed more quickly and easily into the body because the digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard to break down food.

2. List of fastest and most effective weight loss juices

Here are the formulas of 6 synthetic juices to help you lose weight, beautiful skin and detox for the body and bring an abundant source of energy. In particular, you will know the amount of calories in each type of juice so that you can adjust it according to your needs.

2.1. Celery juice to lose weight


Why was celery chosen to be a weight loss fruit juice? Thanks to the chemical composition of celery itself, this chemical component directly affects the excess body fat, and in the direction of consumption.In addition to the use of celery excess fat, there are other constructions such as:

* Good for defecation

* Helps purify the body, eliminate toxins

Recent research also shows that the use of celery in meals and dinners has helped many people lose 2-3 kg in just 1 month. So it’s obvious that using celery juice for weight loss is workable.

How celery juice weight loss

You have 3 options to make celery juice as you like:

Formula 1:

* Preparation: Honey & Celery & Apple

* Perform:

First, clean the celery (cut the root, wash it), cut the celery into small pieces of about 3 cm.

Then peel the apples, remove the seeds in the intestines.

Next, add celery and apples to the juicer, add some water.

Get juice mixed with a little honey and ice cubes.

After that is to start using.

Formula 2:

With the formula for celery juice 2 weight loss you make the following:

* Preparation: 250 gr celery

* Implementation: Very simple, you just need to clean and cut the celery, put it in the juicer and use the juice to use.

Formula 3:

* Preparation: Lemon juice & 50gr celery & 1 tomato

* Perform:

Clean, peel the tomatoes

Clean, cut celery pieces

Add celery and tomatoes to the juicer

Take the juice above, add a little lemon juice and ice cubes and start using

2.2. Grapefruit juice for weight loss

Currently grapefruit is an extremely effective weight loss fruit. Here we will give you some more information to lose weight more effectively with grapefruit juice.

2.2.1. How does grapefruit juice support weight loss?


The main ingredient in grapefruit is vitamin C, fiber and natural carbohydrates. This component, when combined with protetin, will cause the burning of fat. The accumulation of excess fat is stopped, your body no longer gains weight, plus the metabolism, burning energy takes place faster, which helps to lose weight extremely effectively and also helps the muscle groups on the body become much more toned.

2.2.2. How to make grapefruit juice lose weight

* Preparation: 3-4 packs of grapefruit & sugar & mint leaves / cherry & boiling water

* Perform:

First, you put the grapefruit grapefruit into the blender, squeezing water

Add mint or cherry leaves + sugar + ice cubes

Finally, start enjoying

2.2.3. How to drink grapefruit juice to lose weight?

Use 3 cups of grapefruit juice a day. That’s if you want to lose weight fast.

With 3 glasses of grapefruit juice, you should use about 30 minutes before meals. This helps to create a feeling of fullness, during which meals can be reduced. That is a good premise for your weight loss and waist reduction goals.

In addition, after meals of about 15 minutes, if possible, you can use an additional 1 piece of grapefruit to stimulate the digestion of food and prevent the accumulation of excess fat at that time.

2.3. Pineapple juice for weight loss

Maybe you do not know, pineapple is a fruit that helps extremely lose weight. This is a safe and very healthy way to lose weight, currently pineapple is gradually appearing in the weight loss menu of many friends, especially ladies.

Pineapple juice with a high content of organic acids, along with a large amount of vitamins A and B1 appear in the composition, these are very good compounds for the body. The use of 1-2 cups of pineapple juice a day will help create a feeling of fullness, cravings will be reduced, then the amount of food, fat intake in the body decreases, which is a good condition. and essential for your weight loss goals.

In addition, the fiber content of pineapple juice for weight loss also has a direct impact on the absorption and release of carbohydrates. This also means that the process of metabolism, energy metabolism in the body will take place faster. That helps minimize the accumulation of excess fat, body fat.

Energy is released better, then not only lose weight fast with pineapple, but you can easily get a more toned body without having to exercise too much.

Remember the main ingredient of pineapple is water and fiber, the calories in a pineapple is only 40 units. And water & fiber itself will create the necessary hindrance to body weight gain. The body stops gaining weight, it’s time for you to start with your weight loss goals.

In addition to reducing the pineapple balance, pineapple also helps the body become more fresh, no longer feeling tired. For women, the use of pineapple juice to lose weight while also helping to make the skin more white, more beautiful. This is due to the vitamin content that pineapple provides to the body.

2.3.1 How to reduce pineapple weight effectively


Making pineapple juice

Make a pineapple smoothie (limit sugars and fatty milk if you’re trying to lose weight)

2.3.2. Note when losing pineapple balance

* Soak the pineapple in dilute salt water for about 45 minutes

* Remove all pineapple eyes before use

* Do not use pineapple before or immediately after a meal but should only use after meals about 45 minutes

2.2.3. How to make pineapple juice to lose weight

* Step 1: Peel and pineapple eyes

* Step 2: Cut the pineapple into small slices

* Step 3: Put pineapple in the juicer => squeeze out the juice and use

2.4. Tomato juice for weight loss

According to a survey from the prestigious Nutrition magazine, just by providing the body with 1 cup of tomato juice a day, your waistline will be significantly reduced even when you do not need to actually show your diet or change your diet.
The study was conducted on 1000 women and with the use of 1 cup of tomato juice lost 280 ml daily. What is going to happen ? This is the amount of fat in the body of these women reduced to 50% in less than 8 weeks. That is a great thing for anyone who is planning to lose weight.

Tomato juice is not only the secret of effective weight loss but also the vitamin content in tomatoes helps you reduce stress, maintain a smooth, pinky skin.
How to make tomato juice for weight loss:

* Prepare:

3 tomatoes & 1 teaspoon white sugar & salt & ice cubes

* Perform:

First wash the tomatoes and soak with diluted salt water for about 5 minutes

Then split the tomatoes into 2 or 4 pieces and put them in the juicer

Get water and put ice cubes and sugar in

Finally, enjoy

2.5. Guava juice for weight loss

Another fruit juice that helps with effective weight loss without having to change through many diets and exercises is guava juice.

2.5.1. Guava juice how to lose weight?

The special thing is that guava contains a lot of vitamins and the content is also very good, while the calories are quite the opposite, very low. In case you can’t use hard-to-drink juices like celery juice, squash juice, etc. . . Guava juice is indeed a great choice for you, delicious, easy to drink and effective weight loss.

2.5.2. Instructions on how to make the most delicious guava juice

* Preparation: 90ml guava juice & 10ml lemon syrup & 2ml bacardi wine & 25ml sugar water & 1 little lemon juice

* Perform:

First peel, remove the stem, remove melasma, wash through diluted salt water, then rinse with clean water.

Next is cut into pieces and add a little sugar syrup to help create a delicious taste for guava.

Then put the guava in the juicer to get water, the juice you get, add a little lemon juice.

For a cup of guava juice to taste, give a mixture of:

90 ml guava juice

25ml rock sugar water

10ml Lemon Syrup

A little lemon juice


2ml Bacardi liquor

Then shake as hard as shaking the tail cup. Next to the mixture to the glass and enjoy the most delicious way.

3. Things to keep in mind when mixing weight loss juices

* Because juice is an extract that removes fiber from vegetables, the fact that nutrients are absorbed too quickly into the body will cause blood sugar to rise and become unstable.

* Not all vegetables can work together. Recipe juice mixed vegetables often have to be studied by nutrition experts to get the correct weight, to avoid being toxic to the body.

Above is a list of 5 types of juice for weight loss fast, effective and easy to drink. You can refer to other recipes for weight loss juice online to make the most delicious fruit juice.

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