This Rose-Mulethi Tea May Help Induce Better Digestion, Immunity And Weight Loss

Kadha or herbal tea is a concoction of different medicinal herbs and spices that help you revive and rejuvenate from within.

One thing that the on-going Coronavirus pandemic has taught us is the importance of good immunity. Researchers and health experts around the world have time and again highlighted how strong immunity helps fight any kind of viral attacks on our body. While some people are blessed with strong immunity system, others work their ways through it with a healthy lifestyle – and balanced diet being an important part of it. A well-balanced diet includes a plethora of healthy foods and beverages that provide your body with several essential nutrients.

Kadhaand herbal teas hold a firm place in the world of healthy eating. It is a concoction of different medicinal herbs and spices that help you revive and rejuvenate from within. One such herbal drink option is rose-mulethi tea. It includes the goodness of two natural ingredients – rose petals and licorice – and has a pool of health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Rose-Mulethi Tea:

Both rose and mulethi are loaded with properties that help boost better immunity. They may also protect you from cough and cold.

This tea does wonders for gut-health. Both rose and mulethi promote better digestion. These herbs may also aid constipation and other gut-related troubles.

Both mulethi and rose are enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help flush out toxins and fight free radical damages.
This tea also aids better metabolism and weight loss.

How To Make Rose-Mulethi Tea For Weight Loss And Immunity:


  • 1 teaspoon rose petals (fresh or dried)
  • Half teaspoon mulethi
  • One cup water
  • Sweetner of your choice

Step 1. Clean the fresh rose petals under running water. Avoid the step if you are using dried petals.

Step 2. Add water, rose petals and mulethi in a sauce pan and give everything a good boil.

Step 3. Strain the tea in a cup when the colour of the water changes.
Step 4. Add sweetener of your choice and take a sip.

Drink this tea in the morning and give a healthy start to the day. But always remember, moderation is key!

Source: food.ndtv.com

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