Squash Balance Reduction Effect Reduce 3-4 Kg In 1 Week

Squash is a familiar food in every family’s daily meal. Not only rich in nutrition, many women also apply the method of weight loss with squash for quick efficiency and high safety.
There are many methods of losing weight, natural beauty such as reducing belly fat with roasted salt, sweet potato, mugwort, salt … In which weight loss of squash is applied and shared by many people. However, in many cases, the application has not been successful due to not following the diet of this method. The following article will help you better understand the uses of squash to use them most effectively.

1. Reasons to lose weight squash

Winter melon belongs to the family, has a sweet taste, welding properties and has many health benefits. Winter melon contains many nutrients such as protit, sugar, fiber, caroteen, vitamins PP, B1, B2, C, calcium and iron. Also contains no fat, low sodium content has more acid not only consumes excess fat, but also contains hyterin – caperic compound capable of controlling the conversion of sugars into fat and preventing the process of accumulating excess fat in the body. So this is the method of weight loss that many people choose.
– Beauty skin

– Detoxification, cooling, room heat stroke, heat stroke

– Refreshment, prevention of boils, itch and rash

– Detoxification due to food poisoning (shrimp, fish) in case of mild poisoning

– Curing hot fever, thirst due to heat.

2. Some menu for squash weight loss
Lose weight with squash juice

Squash juice: losing weight Squash juice is a method applied by many women, which not only helps with weight loss but also helps to beautify the skin very effectively. Squash juice can be used instead of drinking water daily because it provides enough vitamins and essential nutrients, very simple way to do it again.
How to do it: peel the squash, remove the intestines, cut into small pieces, then put it in the juice extractor. When drinking, mix some salt for a strong taste. Store in refrigerator compartment for use during the day.

Menu suggestions

Breakfast: This is the right time to eat starch, so eat bread with a glass of fruit juice.

Lunch: eat white meat (chicken breast, fish …) combined with squash. There are lots of water and fiber in the squash, which helps you feel full. White meat low energy, easy to digest, very beneficial for weight loss. For newcomers can eat one or half a cup of rice to get used to the diet gradually.

Dinner: Never eat starch, eat a lot of boiled vegetables and a cup of squash. Eat before 7pm, after this time should not eat to avoid fat absorption into the body makes you gain weight
Do 2 weeks and you will be satisfied with the current weight. But not always with the menu above. You can change for example, instead of bread, you can eat a bowl of oatmeal, noodles or an apple. Lunch can be eaten salad or fruit to not bored.

Lose weight with squash with boiled or soup dishes

+ Reduce the balance of boiled squash: using boiled squash daily will help you feel full for a long time, reduce the amount of rice and the amount of food in the body to prevent obesity and eliminate excess fat from the body. You can also use it in combination with an oatmeal weight loss method for extra benefits.
When you are tired of the pure squash flavor, here are some squash dishes combined with some ingredients such as stop or grapefruit peel to stimulate the taste, easier to eat.

+ Weight loss of winter melon cooked with ginger, bare skin: Winter melon leaves with whole skin and seeds, fresh ginger, bare skin, salt and water. Squash washed, cut into small pieces, boiled water put squash, ginger, bare skin, salt to cook until soft is edible. Bare skin is used to treat conditions of spleen, low benefit, physical temperament combined with ginger and winter melon as a quick weight loss remedy.

+ Reduce weight by cooking grapefruit with grapefruit peel: This weight loss pill is very simple, you take the grapefruit peel to boil the whole white pulp with about 1 liter of water for 30 minutes. Melon peels and seeds, finely chopped and cooked with grapefruit juice to make a soup. Drinking squash soup 2 times a day on an empty stomach helps belly fat burn faster.

+ Reduce squash balance with watermelon: Squash 500g, watermelon 500g, white sugar just enough. Sweet melon peel, remove the intestines, wash thoroughly. Watermelon get intestine, remove seeds. Two things cut into pieces, squeezed or squeezed to get water. Add a little dissolved white sugar, divided drink several times a day. This juice has a great cooling effect for overweight and obese people.

3. Some notes when weight loss squash

Winter melon (cold) should be used for people with cold conditions or cases of bloating, diarrhea should not apply this method. If you want to apply it, you should use a little bit of the dose then gradually increase the body to adapt.
People with low blood pressure should not use this method because squash contains less calories, which will lower blood pressure.
Do not use cooked squash juice. Because there is a lot of sugar in this squash water. This sugar will accumulate and load more energy into the body causing weight gain and counterproductive effects of weight loss.
Do not eat squash or drink watermelon juice for a long time because raw squash has very high soap, which will cause illness in your digestive system. Winter melon when thoroughly cooked soap properties almost gone so often eat well cooked squash or drink boiled squash water.
In addition to squash, you need to add other vegetables to ensure nutrition and health. Eat squash from the squash about 3–5 meals per week, leaving the rest with broccoli, spinach, cabbage, etc.

The above article has specifically instructed you to “all handicap know-how to lose squash balance”. Good luck!!!

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