Miraculous Menu Of Weight Loss From Celery Juice, Both Dispel Belly Fat And Detoxify The Body

Owning slim physique is a common dream of women. Among them, many have succeeded thanks to the celery juice weight loss menu

The “magic” juice helps to eliminate fat, detoxify the body

In fact, celery is a very nutritious food. Celery contains folate, potassium, manganese, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and pantothenic acid. Celery is also rich in vitamins like vitamins A, C, K and B6.

Celery is rich in fiber, vitamin C, P, protein, trace minerals and lipids, which are essential for weight loss. In particular, celery also contains the metabolites of sadanolic acid and limonene aroma essential oil, to help you palate and have a relaxed spirit.

Many studies also show that celery in addition to weight loss can also prevent liver disease and cancer, fight inflammation, improve intestinal health, improve cardiovascular health and care for beautiful skin.
Celery also contains flavonoids – a phytonutrient that has powerful antioxidant properties, which prevent cancer. This substance is also essential in helping the body absorb vitamin C, thereby helping to grow and regenerate tissue.


In addition to sautéing with food to add flavor, celery can be processed into juice. Celery juice is one of the most popular detox drinks for women thanks to its effects on weight loss, detox and skin beauty.

Although it has a strong smell and is difficult to drink, fresh celery juice retains the ingredients and natural ingredients in celery, thereby helping you lose weight in the best way.
On average 500ml of celery juice only provides about 85 calories. Therefore, replacing high-calorie foods like milk tea, carbonated drinks, sweetened coffee … with celery juice is an ideal choice.

How to make simple celery juice at home

Prepare materials:

250gr fresh celery


Celery cut into pieces, soaked in water for 2 minutes and then picked out.
Put in a blender, strain through a sieve.
Pour into a cup and enjoy.

Magical menu for weight loss, detoxification from celery juice

Every day a cup of celery juice, only for 1 month you will see a significant weight loss. However, you need to incorporate a nutritious, varied diet and exercise routine.

Ideally, you should enjoy 500ml celery juice every morning, before eating about 15-30 minutes to promote digestion. Organic celery should be used, if not thoroughly washed to remove dirt and pesticides.

Preservation of celery juice in a sealed glass bottle, not in a plastic bottle. When pressed, drink immediately or pour immediately into the bottle, not to exceed 5 minutes to limit oxidation.

If you find celery juice strong and hard to drink, you can add apples, cucumbers or lemons to adjust the flavor. Once you get used to it, you will increase the amount of celery.

Some people after drinking celery juice may experience some changes in bowel needs. However, do not worry because this is a normal reaction of the body, good for the digestive system. Stimulating digestion like this will prevent problems such as flatulence, constipation, acne, urinary tract infection (UTI), sinus disease, Lyme disease …

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