How to Weight Lose By Black Beans Helps to Reduce 4kg in 1 Week

Has any mother lost weight black beans yet? Has anyone lost weight black bean water yet? Drinking black bean water to gain weight or lose weight? … Why does the way to lose weight by black beans get so much feedback from customers? Join us in analyzing how to lose weight of black bean water through the content below!

I – Does drinking black bean water lose weight?

Black beans have amazing benefits such as detoxification, blood tonic, and tonic. In addition, this is a very safe food to LOSE WEIGHT. Explaining how to lose weight by black beans, experts say:

→ Black beans contain anthocyanin as an antioxidant, which helps to reduce and control the accumulation of fat in the body.

In addition, this substance also protects the body against diseases, prevents the growth of tumors, reduces the risk of cancer and stroke. For women, you can freely eat black beans without worrying about gaining weight.

→ Due to the ability to curb hunger because of the rich fiber content, black beans are an appropriate choice for overweight women and want to adjust their eating habits.

→ Black beans have a sweet taste, so it can be used to replace daily sugar, helping to control cholesterol and blood sugar.

In addition to losing weight, drinking roasted black bean juice every day also helps you rejuvenate your skin and maintain a beautiful, sexy appearance. Has any mother lost weight black beans yet?

Information about the internal ingredients of this material is also the answer to the question that many people are interested.

II – Drink roasted black bean water to lose weight

Roasted black bean water is one of the great weight loss drinks that Japanese women think of to eliminate excess body fat.

For them to drink roasted black bean water is only a part of the weight loss, it also works to beautify the skin, maintain youthfulness for itself.

With the following ways to lose weight, roast black beans will help you soon reach the dream of a slim, fat body.

2.1 Instructions on how to make roasted black bean juice for weight loss


  • 100g of black beans
  • 2 liters of water

Rinse the black beans and drain

  • Then put about 100g of black beans in a roasting pan, simmer, stirring until fragrant beans crack the aroma and pour into a plate to cool
  • Next, boil a pot of water about 1-2 liters boiling, then add roasted beans
  • Cook for about 15 minutes and then turn off the heat, leave it on the stove for another 15 minutes
  • Filter the water and beans separately
  • Squeeze the portion of roasted black bean juice to cool cup

2.2 How to drink roasted black bean water to lose weight

Every day you should drink 2 cups of roasted black bean juice at breakfast and lunch. If you find it difficult to drink, have no taste, you can add a little honey to make it easier to drink.

Although honey has a sweet taste, it has the effect of losing weight, so it can be assured. Especially, when drinking roasted black bean water, you have to lose weight before eating about 15-20 minutes.

Thus, will help maximize the effect of weight loss while beautifying the skin.

The leftover black beans can be used to cook tea or prepare black bean dishes as you like.

Maintain the habit of drinking roasted black bean water every day, you will get extremely effective results after 1 week of implementation.

III. Some other ways to lose weight by black beans

3.1 How to lose weight by black bean tea

This is a way to lose weight for many women because it is easy to do but the effect is too great. You will be surprised with the way to lose weight just eating without worrying about this fat.

➢ Materials:

  • 100g of black beans
  • 2 liters of water

➢ How to cook black beans to lose weight:

  • Black beans washed, drained
  • Put 200g of black beans in a pot of water about 2 liters
  • Bring to the boil, then simmer
  • Continue to cook until the black beans are tender, ripe and expand (can use a pressure cooker to save time)
  • North to the kitchen to cool
  • Strain the water out of the cup, and the black beans into the bowl

➢ How to use black bean tea as follows:

  • For the portion of bean juice you use to drink, but be careful not to drink too much. Daily, should only drink at the rate of 50% black bean water + 50% filtered water.
  • The high amount of fiber and antioxidants in this black bean tea will boost your body’s ability to burn excess fat which is effective for weight loss.
  • As for the black beans, instead of eating rice, you eat instead of beans, which can be combined with some vegetables of the fruit. You can add some salt or sugar (just a little sugar) to make it easier to eat.

3.2 How to lose weight by soaking black bean vinegar

The combination of black beans with vinegar will help you to double your weight loss effect. This is because vinegar contains a lot of ingredients for effective fat burning.

➢ Materials

  • 100g of black beans
  • Brown rice vinegar
  • Glass bottle

➢ How to cook roasted black beans in vinegar for weight loss

  • Rinse the black beans and drain
  • Then, bring the roasted black beans in the pan until the black beans ripen
  • Allow to cool and add roasted black beans to a glass jar
  • Next pour the vinegar into the exposed glass so that the beans are flooded with black beans
  • Soak black beans in vinegar for about 1 day is usable

➢ How to lose weight from pickled black beans

  • Every day about 30 minutes before meals you drink 1-2 teaspoons of black bean vinegar soaked. This will help reduce cravings.
  • Patient implementation of this method will bring you unexpected results.

!! Note: For women who have stomach problems, this method should not be used. Because sour vinegar can make your condition worse.

3.3 How to reduce brown rice brown rice

This is a way of losing weight to keep in shape, used by many office people because it can be eaten as a substitute for breakfast, lunch, very good for the digestive system, supporting effective weight loss to keep in shape.
➢ Materials

  • Black beans
  • Brown rice
  • Water

➢ Process black beans and brown rice to lose weight

  • Tear the brown rice and black beans
  • Then add black beans and brown rice to the pot in a 1: 1 ratio
  • Pour water into pot and boil until black beans, brown rice. Depending on whether you eat more or less, thick or thin, you can adjust the amount of rice, beans, water accordingly

➢ How to use brown rice and black beans to lose weight

  • The starch content of brown rice porridge is extremely low, so you should eat this dish at least 3 days / week instead of eating rice to lose weight effectively.
  • You can eat brown rice brown rice porridge with vegetables to increase the flavor and reduce the boredom of the dish.
  • Or combining black bean tea with brown rice to lose weight is similar to this method.

3.4 How to lose weight by black bean flour

Similar to black bean drinks, black bean flour will also help you lose weight when you know how to use it properly.

➢ Materials:

  • Black beans
  • Water

➢ Preparing black bean flour to lose weight as follows:

  • Wash the black beans, drain
  • Roast beans and bring to maturity and fragrant, then cool
  • Crush or grind roasted black beans into flour
  • Mix 4-5 tablespoons of black bean flour with 200ml of hot water to drink

➢ How to balance black bean cereal

  • You should drink black bean powder every morning or you can also drink this cereal whenever you feel hungry, but remember to not drink it with sugar to avoid counter effects.
  • You can combine with ground red beans or ground green beans to change the taste.

3.5 Lose weight with black beans and ginger juice

A perfect combination between black beans and ginger, because both are “panacea” for weight loss. Ginger has a hot and anti-inflammatory effect that can burn off body fat while improving the digestive system.

Besides, black beans contain lots of protein, fiber that helps you lose weight while providing enough nutrients to help you feel full for a long time.

➢ Materials:

  • Black beans
  • Ginger
  • Water

➢ How to make black bean water to lose weight with ginger

  • Rinse black beans, shaved ginger
  • Cut or chop ginger into thin slices
  • Add 100g of black beans with 1-2 liters of boiling water until boiling
  • Put sliced ​​or crushed ginger in a pot of black beans
  • Keep boiling until the black beans are ripe and cracked (you can add a little honey to make them taste better)
  • Put black beans in a bowl and let cool
  • Separate the water and black beans

➢ How to drink black bean water to lose weight with ginger

  • You separate the water and black beans. The water used to drink before 2 meals, every day should only drink 1-2 cups only.
  • Because hot ginger is too much to drink will backfire. Part of black beans you can eat instead of snacks or breakfast.

3.6 Lose weight with green beans and honey

➢ Materials

  • Green black beans crushed
  • Honey
  • Water

➢ How to cook green black bean water with honey for weight loss

  • Rinse the green black beans, drain
  • Add the roasted black green beans to the pan until the beans are ripe and cracked
  • Put 100g of roasted green black beans in a pot of water about 1 – 1.5 liters, then heat until boiling for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat, allow to cool
  • Separate the water and green beans separately
  • Then, add about 1 teaspoon of honey to the cup of green black bean juice

➢ How to drink black bean green water please lose weight with honey

  • Drink 2 cups of green black bean juice at breakfast and lunch each day. Honey and green black beans are both effective at losing weight and fighting against skin thinning.
  • Note that you should not drink in the morning will cause you to lose sleep. The remaining green black beans can be combined with vegetables to eat instead of rice.

3.7 Simple slimming with black bean soup

Black bean soup with some carrots, corn, potatoes, and cilantro is the perfect choice for a nutritious, low-calorie, low-fat breakfast or dinner that is great for weight loss.
➢ Materials:

  • Black beans
  • Carrots, corn, potatoes, coriander
  • Spices: Pepper, seasoning, …

➢ Instructions for making black bean soup for weight lose:

  • Soak black beans in water for 1-2 hours
  • Put black beans and water in the pot for another 1-2 hours until the beans are soft
  • Wash carrots, potatoes, corn and coriander
  • Next, the above vegetables form a pomegranate shape and place in a pot of black beans
  • Cook for about 30 – 1 hours until all are tender to add flavor to taste
  • Ladle the black bean soup into a bowl to add coriander and enjoy

3.8 Weight loss tips with black bean milk at home

It sounds strange, but this is an extremely delicious drink, especially that can dispel the excess fat tissue, bringing about a round of “fat” desires of women.

Drink black bean milk instead of regular canned milk for better weight loss

➢ Materials:

  • Black beans
  • Non-sugar fresh milk
  • Pineapple leaves

➢ Instructions for making slimming black bean milk:

  • Soak black beans in water for about 2 hours
  • Then add the black beans, pineapple leaves into the pot and add water to boil for about 15 minutes
  • Wait for the black beans to cool and then put them in a blender
  • Use a thin, clean cloth to filter out the entire water
  • Next, add unsweetened milk and black bean water stir
  • Can drink hot or cold depending on preferences

IV – Experience to lose weight black beans should note what?

Although great for weight loss, keep in shape. However, the way to lose weight with black beans needs to follow a few notes if you want the best effect:

4.1 Timing – reasonable dose of beans to lose weight

Many women mistakenly believe that drinking black bean water as much as effective weight loss.

However, the opposite is true, in black beans contain a lot of nutrients, if you do not formulate a learned menu, whether the right amount will gain weight and cause other side effects.

Therefore, you should only drink 2-3 cups of water or black bean milk per day to ensure safety for the body and support weight loss.

In particular, drinking water from black beans should not be taken at night, which can cause you to lose sleep. Accordingly, the most appropriate time to use black beans for weight loss is in the morning and before lunch.

4.2 Keep in mind when losing weight at home

  • Combining eating black beans with other fruits and vegetables increases the weight loss effect
  • Exercising 40 minutes a day helps the body stay flexible and burn calories faster
  • For people who are allergic to black beans, absolutely do not use this solution.
  • You can use black bean whites or green black beans to lose weight are okay
  • For children not to use this way to lose weight.
  • Because eating too much black bean juice will stimulate the kidneys to work a lot, which is absolutely not good for health.
  • Whether you drink cold or hot black bean water is okay, does not affect the weight loss effect.
  • For how to lose weight by black bean flour, you should do it instead of buying it in the market to make it healthier.
  • Absolutely not use black beans to lose weight: pregnant women, on abstinence, people with colon, stomach, taking traditional medicine,

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