How To Treat Dandruff With Aspirin

Treating dandruff with Aspirin always brings a good improvement effect for you, both safe and very economical. So, after just a few times of doing this, the dandruff patches will be reduced significantly, the scalp is clean, the hair is stronger, and there is less breakage.
Aspirin is a drug that has many uses, not only treating acne, sun care skin … but also can treat dandruff very well. Currently, the beauty trend from nature is “crowned”, so the treatment of dandruff with aspirin is also preferred. So if you are having a problem caused by dandruff then do this right away!

1 Great benefits of treating dandruff with aspirin

Aspirin is a drug that works to relieve pain, reduce fever and an unexpected use is a very effective dandruff treatment. Because aspirin contains active ingredients similar to salicylic acid – an extremely effective dandruff treatment often found in the composition of commercial dandruff shampoos. When applied to the hair and scalp Aspirin will work to treat dandruff by preventing and destroying bacteria and fungi that cause plaque, forming dandruff.

This drug is suitable for all scalp, completely non-irritating. So women can safely use this drug to treat dandruff. So this is considered a great remedy for dandruff of modern women.

2 Instructions on how to treat dandruff with aspirin

When treating dandruff with aspirin for the best results, follow these guidelines!

Materials needed:

Aspirin: 2-3 pills
Shampoo: 150ml to 200ml.
Tools: Clean spoons and cups.

  • You put aspirin in a bowl and then crush it into a fine powder and mix well with the amount of dandruff shampoo prepared above.
  • Wet the scalp, then apply the mixture evenly to the hair roots, scalp. Then massage gently in a circular motion for about 5 minutes so that the nutrients have enough time to take effect.
  • Use a towel to wrap around your head, incubate for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water and regular shampoo.
  • Regularly performed 2 times / week, after a month of 1 month you will see dandruff “one go no return”.

Note: Depending on the amount of shampoo you use to adjust the amount of aspirin accordingly. Absolutely you should not overdo the drug aspirin and impatiently accelerate the number of times to quickly disappear, this can counteract dandruff.

3 Some notes when treating dandruff with aspirin

-When treating dandruff with aspirin, you absolutely should not ignore the following notes
-You need to pay more attention to your diet. A scientific diet, full of nutrients will help you “repel” dandruff quickly. Therefore, every day you need to drink enough water, eat plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits.
-Avoid dirty hair, wash your hair regularly to get rid of dandruff quickly. Also, you should regularly wash the comb you use.
-At night before going to bed, you need to make sure that your hair is completely dry, so that your scalp does not get wet, which will facilitate the fungus to function.
-When washing hair, do not scratch hard, causing damage to the scalp. Limit hair dye spray hair … make scalp dry, lack of moisture, causing plaque peeling, itching, discomfort.
-Hopefully with the information that the article provides, women know how to treat dandruff with Aspirin is the best way, to “bye bye” forever.

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