How To Make Barley Water For Weight Lose

What are the benefits of barley for weight lose?

For health: 

For a long time, in many countries around the world, barley has been considered a source of energy, extremely nutritious and since then, it has often been included in the main meals of the people here. Barley is not just for energy, barley is also known as an extremely powerful antioxidant, helping to fight a number of conditions such as cancer, diabetes or colds.

Naturally lowering blood pressure, providing iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc also helps strengthen bone structure. Iron and zinc in barley also contribute a small part in the development of collagen, a panacea for women. In the field of beauty, barley is a panacea for women when it provides a large amount of vitamins as well as iron to help rejuvenate the skin, bring fresh vitality as well as a healthy body. sure.

For weight lose

Did you know that one of the great uses of barley is to boost your digestive system. Thanks to barley, common problems such as diarrhea, flatulence, bloating are also significantly improved, reducing the risk of digestive-related diseases such as colon and constipation. It is also one of the essential things for the digestive system to work actively, preventing the accumulation of leftovers that cause weight gain.

In addition, Susan Toth, Ph.D., research scientist at the Canadian Institute of Agriculture and Food, added that not only oats but barley also significantly reduced cholesterol levels as well as regulating sugar levels. in blood. It is also the basis for people to produce functional foods from barley sources to help people can lose fat.

The latest research from Lund University in Sweden also shows that a diet supplemented with barley can help people lose weight better. The study is also published in the British Journal of Nutrition. They conducted the experiment by dividing into two groups of people, one group was allowed to eat white bread three times in three days, the other group was still the same regime but replaced with barley bread.

The results showed that the metabolic rate in people in group 2, who ate barley bread increased to 14 hours. The ability to control appetite is also better than those who eat white bread, while they also reduce blood sugar and insulin levels as well.

Barley tea is a delicious drink, helps to eliminate excess fat, lose weight, detoxify. A secret of great health care from nature.

Barley tea is a combination of barley, fresh lemongrass, ginger and nectar agave. Barley is an energy-dense, extremely nutritious food, containing powerful antioxidants, helping the body to “fight” with cancer, diabetes, colds … Lemongrass is both an herbal for health and Beauty care for the woman. Fresh ginger is rich in powerful antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. The combination of the above components will be an effective weight loss drink to help women with beautiful bodies.

Weight loss with natural drinks may not bring immediate effects but it will certainly be safe for your health. Help you not only beautiful but also healthy, enjoy the full life. The way to make barley tea is very simple, you can easily do it at home when following the recipe we share below.

Ingredients For Making Delicious Barley Tea, Weight Lose

  • 1 cup pearl barley
  • 10 cups water
  • 3 branches of fresh lemongrass
  • 50 grams of ginger
  • 5 to 6 tbsp of agave nectar

Instructions on how to make Barley Tea Helps Natural Weight Loss

Step 1: Ginger shaved skin (ginger shell contains many nutrients good for health), sliced. Lemongrass cut. Then beat the ginger and lemongrass with a knife. This will help release the flavor during cooking easily.

Step 2: Wash the barley under water for a few minutes. Then add barley and water to the pot to boil. Add lemon and ginger and continue cooking until the barley is soft (about 30 minutes). Turn off the heat and let cool.

Step 3: Then pour water into a glass, add agave nectar to stir. Add ice cubes (if you like) and finally enjoy.

Today, there are many methods of weight loss such as cosmetology, medication, weight loss or dieting, fasting … However, these methods both consume a lot of time, money and effort. but not sure to achieve the desired effect. So if you want to have a slim waist, standard figure but ensure health and savings, try immediately with barley tea to lose weight offline!

With the simple recipe, ingredients that used to be difficult to find like barley have now become more popular, so making them is no longer difficult. Refer to the above formula and prepare yourself a cup of barley tea for healthy, nutritious weight loss to support effective weight loss. If you don’t have barley, you can replace it with filtered barley tea.

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