How to Lose Weight Fast 20 Kg in 10 days, Lose belly fat Overnight

Thanks to the abundant water content, fiber, and no fat, so the weight loss method with zucchini/hairy gourd is a great way that many women apply, in order to prevent excess fat accumulation, fat loss, and keep in shape effectively. Learn immediately 4 ways to eat zucchini/ hairy gourd for weight loss through the content of the article below.

I / Why eat hairy gourd for weight loss?

Squash (squash) is a popular fruit in Vietnamese family meals. Pumpkin has an English name, Benincasa hispida, belongs to the single-growing gourd family, about 10-18cm wide, with oval-shaped armor.
Zucchini is considered to be sweet, cold, so it helps cool down and flush toxins out of the body. Zucchini is divided into two categories: chalky green squash and stone zucchini

To know zucchini is effective for weight loss? Let the article analyze the nutritional composition and calorie content of this fruit right below:

How to lose weight with zucchini
Thus, through the table of nutritional ingredients above, we see squash contains a lot of fiber, water, helps to lose weight, burns energy in the body and limits excess fat in the abdomen.

In addition, zucchini also contains vitamins, calcium, minerals that beautify the skin, fight the aging process, help keep bones and joints supple, and at the same time detoxify and eliminate waste from the muscles. can.

II / TOP 4 ways to lose weight with zucchini

Although zucchini is in the group of benign foods, but to promote all the effects of weight loss. You need to process zucchini in combination with some other ingredients to create a nutritious and delicious dish and prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Here are the 4 most effective ways of processing zucchini for weight loss that most people apply.

1. Drink squash juice to lose weight

Pumpkin smoothie for weight loss is too familiar to many women, because it’s easy, simple and fast. Just spend 5 minutes with a few simple steps, you have a nutritious squash juice cup that both works to lose weight and beautify the skin, anti-aging.

► Raw materials:

  • 1/2 zucchini
  • Salt
  • Street
  • Compressor

► How to:

  • Rinse the zucchini, then peel and filter the core
  • Cut the zucchini into small pieces
  • Then, put in the machine, squeeze water
  • Depending on the taste of each person, you can add a little salt or sugar, stir well to make it easier to drink

2. Eat slimming boiled zucchini

Besides making a drink, you can also use zucchini for processing into simple dishes for daily meals. Boiled zucchini is an ideal dish, helping you to feel full for a long time, reducing the amount of rice and food intake in the body, helping to lose weight, preventing excess fat accumulation.

► How to boil zucchini to reduce fat:

  • Wash the squash, peel and remove the core
  • Cut the squash into large pieces
  • Boil water and add zucchini
  • Simmer for 4-6 minutes, turn off the heat
  • Finally, take the zucchini out to the plate

3. Lose weight with zucchini and pineapple

Zucchini combined with pineapple create a special flavored drink that has both the effect of refreshing the summer and helps to lose fat quickly and effectively.

► Raw materials:

  • 300g zucchini
  • 1/2 pineapple
  • 2 fresh lemons
  • 4 tablespoons honey

► How to make zucchini and pineapple juice

  • Wash off the zucchini
  • Then peel, remove the bug and cut it into small pieces
  • Pineapple peeled, removed eyes then also chopped
  • Grind squash to get water
  • Add fresh lemon juice, honey and stir well

4 How to lose belly fat with zucchini

In addition to reducing fat with pure zucchini, you can combine with a shock of other ingredients such as ginger, bare skin to make a delicious, nutritious soup that both removes excess fat and changes the taste. Avoid getting bored.

► Raw materials:

  • 400g zucchini
  • Ginger
  • Bare skin
  • Spices: Seasoning powder, fish sauce

► How to prepare zucchini soup with ginger

  • Wash the zucchini so that the skin and seeds cut into large pieces
  • Boil water and add ingredients including zucchini, ginger, and bare skin to a pot, seasoning to taste
  • Continue to cook for soft zucchini, then turn off the heat
  • Finally, scoop the green pumpkin wings into a large bowl

III / Weight loss menu with zucchini

Breakfast: Breakfast always needs to get enough nutrients for the body. So you should eat starchy foods (bread, porridge, noodles, ..) and drink a cup of zucchini juice.

Lunch: Combine to eat boiled meat (lean pork, chicken breast, fish, …) with dishes made from zucchini to help you get full quickly, not absorb fat to help reduce the portion of each meal. For beginners can eat an extra 1/2 bowl of rice to provide enough calories.

Dinner: Absolutely do not eat starch, instead eat a lot of boiled vegetables, steamed with a glass of squash and pineapple juice. Note, after 8pm should not eat any more foods, because this is the time when the body is very easy to absorb the fats.

IV / Note when applying how to lose weight / lose belly fat with zucchini

  • Although squash is a benign food, it also has certain disadvantages. To lose weight effectively squash you need to pay attention to some important issues as follows:
  • At the beginning when you are new, you should combine eating zucchini with rice. Then gradually change to only eat 1/2 bowl of rice per meal
  • In addition to eating zucchini, you need to add other vegetables
  • For people with low blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, it is not recommended to do this fat reduction
  • Juices as well as dishes made from zucchini should only be eaten 4-6 times / week
  • Only make a weight loss regime with zucchini for 2 months, avoid affecting the stomach and digestive tract
  • Always provide enough water for 1.5 – 2 liters daily
  • Don’t eat foods high in fats, sugars, starches, and fast foods

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