Black Beans 3 For Weight Loss Recipes Fast, Safe and Effective At

Health and beauty are the top concerns in today’s society. So there are many questions about eating and the effects of different foods in life.

One of them is black bean juice. So what is the effect of drinking black bean juice in the following we will learn together.

Black bean characteristics and nutrition

-Black beans in traditional medicine are called umbrellas, black beans, scent, belonging to the subfamily tree growing every year.

The double leaf consists of 3 leaflets that are alternately sprouted, the flowers are light purple, the fruit is long round and the inside contains 7-10 small and black beans.

-Black beans are planted in many seasons all year round in February – June and November – December every year.

These are the times when plants will give high yield, large seeds and no fear of pests and diseases. Black bean plants are not too picky with soil, have good drought tolerance but cannot withstand waterlogging.

-Plants can be grown on sandy soil, light fleshy soil, well-plowed, loosened and weed-free.

When the black bean plant is about 40cm tall, people press the tops of the plants, water a lot during the flowering stage, after 20 days, flowering and the fruit begin to ripen.

Nutritional ingredients

-Black beans contain the following content: protein 24.4%, lipid 1.7%, glucide 53.5% … and many essential amino acids and important vitamins.

-With these nutritional ingredients, it can be said that black beans are a useful food, very necessary for our body.

What is the effect of drinking black bean juice?

-According to traditional medicine, using black bean juice regularly can help clean the blood, lower blood pressure, reduce fat and harmful substances in the blood.

Many people also eat black beans daily instead of rice to treat kidney diseases very well.

-Increasing resistance, reducing disease: With the function of purifying the body, removing toxins in the blood, black beans also help the body increase resistance to diseases caused by bacteria and prevent their complications. .

-Effective weight loss: drinking black bean juice regularly will help you magically improve your physique without much effort.

This is the most important beauty use that many women are interested in, we will learn about in the next section.

-Brightening eyes: the use of black bean water to add ginger to create scent and easy to drink.

Black beans also contain vitamin A which is essential for supporting our eyesight. Vitamin A contains the most in the black crust, so it is not advisable to remove the shell when cooking will void the healing effect.

-Cure rheumatism, osteoarthritis pain: with this effect, it is best to drink black beans simmered with coconut water every 2 to 3 times.

You can also soak with alcohol to drink this way to support the symptoms of osteoarthritis very well.

How to use black beans to lose weight

-The way to lose weight with black beans is most interested in you can lose up to 3kg / 2 weeks if done properly.

People often wonder why eating black bean tea often gains weight very quickly but black bean juice loses weight.

-Because black beans contain a component is athoxialin and glucose, protit and mineral salts these minerals work to expel excess fat from the body.

Also good for detoxifying the liver, detoxifying the blood and not causing obesity. Black bean juice is not only a beverage but also a great medicine for many people.

Option 1: Use simmered black bean water to drink instead of water every day. Every day you drink about 2 liters of this water.

How to do: put 2 handfuls of black beans and wash them in a clay pot and simmer. After about 30 minutes, we take this black bean juice to drink.

Note that drinking black bean water to lose weight cannot give sugar because it will be counterproductive.

Should give a little white salt to easily drink and work to keep water in the body.

Consistently drinking this water for 2 weeks will help you lose 3 – 5 kg, which is extremely safe for health.

Drinking black bean juice every day not only tones blood, detoxifies the liver, but also helps prevent and treat kidney diseases such as nocturia, kidney stones, but especially weight loss.

Method 2: Black beans soaked in vinegar to eat every day help lose weight effectively. Note that the vinegar used here is brown rice vinegar.

How to do: Put black beans in a pan and cook until fragrant.

After the black beans cool down, we put them in a glass jar, finally pour vinegar into the black beans about 1 knuckle.

After 2 days, the black beans will bloom and use them.

Before each meal we take 1-2 teaspoons of black beans soaked in vinegar to eat, the effect will make you reduce hunger, eat less and get rid of excess fat in the body.

Method 3: Use as a daily black bean tea. This is quite simple, just 5-7 minutes a day to perform.

How to do it: use raw black beans, washed, dried and roasted until the black beans crack.

Take the black beans that have just been roasted to cool, use boiling water to cook the black beans and cook for about 2 minutes to get a very fragrant tea.

We use this water to drink instead of tea every day that we can drink hot or cold, depending on our preferences, and it has extremely good weight loss effects and is very cool for the body.

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