9 Ways To Make Fruit Juice To Lose Weight Quickly, Smooth Skin You Should Know

Using fruit juice every day, not only helps you lose weight effectively, reduce belly fat but also have a beautiful skin. Let’s go to the kitchen with sharegoodidea to make some effective weight loss juices!

1. Summary of juices to lose weight, reduce belly fat, beautify skin effectively.

Tomato juice.

Uses of tomatoes:

Tomatoes are known to be one of the most effective, safe and healthy weight loss foods. Especially tomatoes also provide plenty of Vitamins A, B, C, K to help skin smooth, ruddy.

Weight loss from tomatoes has many ways, can be processed as a dish, but most will choose to use tomato juice.

For best results, buy tomatoes stored in the fridge for regular daily use of 1-2 cups in the morning or snack that will help you lose 2-3kg / 1month.

How to make tomato juice:

Tomatoes washed and peeled, put in a blender with a little honey, fresh milk without sugar is a great tomato smoothie.

Cucumber juice

The use of cucumber: In addition to treating stomach ulcers, cucumber is also studied to be able to eliminate toxins and reduce belly fat quickly.

How to make cucumber juice is extremely simple and does not take your time, just wash the cucumber and put it in the blender with a glass of filtered water, can add less sugar to make it easier to drink.

Bitter melon juice

The use of bitter melon: According to research, bitter melon contains many nutrients, twice as much as beta – carotene in broccoli, twice the amount of calcium in spinach (spinach), twice the potassium of Bananas, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, phosphorus and fiber.

How to make bitter melon juice:

Method 1:
– Passionate juice: Take bitter melon through the inside and then put in the blender, add a little water then filter the sediment to get water and drink right after exercising.

Method 2
-Make bitter melon tea: Wash bitter melon, leave whole fruit cut into thin slices, you can sun-dry or roast in a pan until dry again, store in a tightly covered lid. When used just for a small amount of boiling water used as tea.

Carrot juice

Uses of carrots:

Carrots are also an effective weight loss juice used by many people. The fiber in carrots helps improve the digestive system, reducing belly fat, thigh fat effectively in a short time only.

Drinking carrot juice can also help boost your vision, which is suitable for those who often work in front of the computer.

How to make carrot juice to lose weight: Carrots you wash, peel, cut into pieces of 2-3 cm size, then put in the juice extractor, can give less sugar for you to drink more easily.

Watermelon juice.

The use of watermelon:

In this summer, watermelon is a sweet fruit that helps cool the best. Watermelon makes you feel full, reducing the amount of food you eat, so is considered an ideal weight loss fruit.
Watermelon also helps you remove excess cholesterol from the body, makes the muscles firm, contains vitamins (B6, A, C) and nutrients that help slow skin aging, nourish smooth white skin from deep. inside.

How to make watermelon juice:

Watermelon bought peeled and cut pieces (can cut into chessboard squares or arbitrary triangular pieces).
Then put the watermelon in the juicer and puree the juice, you can add some sugar and a few slices of lemon to taste better to enjoy.

Apple juice.

The use of apples: Losing weight with green apples is one of the secret of fast weight loss that is popular among Korean stars. You should drink apple juice every day:

Morning: 1 glass before exercising.
In the evening: 1 glass 1 hour before bed.

Maintaining this habit will help you have a healthier, firmer body within 1 month.

Grapefruit juice.

Uses of grapefruit:

Grapefruit is a fruit that contains many vitamins that help the body to lose fat effectively, boost metabolism, and reduce cholesterol in the body.

Besides, with high levels of vitamins A and C, grapefruit helps to beautify the skin, increase antioxidant capacity, reduce acne and maintain skin moisture.

How to make grapefruit juice lose weight:
To avoid bitterness, remove the seeds before you put them in a blender
Add 2 tablespoons of honey to create a natural sweetness and increase the skin beauty effect (absolutely not for sugar).

Squash juice.

Uses of squash (zucchini):
Melon is considered a panacea in beauty, weight loss for women. Without lipids and low calorie content, you can eat a lot without worrying about gaining weight, even squash can help you lose weight quickly.
In addition, squash has a low amount of sodium and malonic acid, which helps burn off excess fat, preventing the conversion of sugars into fat reducing the risk of weight gain.

Make squash juice:
You just need to take the squash, wash it, remove the seeds, peel and boil it.
Then put in the juicer to get water.
When drinking, you only need to add sugar and salt to stir the threads, you can drink several times a day to be very good for health.

Grape juice.

Uses of grapes:
Grapes are a favorite fruit for girls, grape juice is also a juice that is highly effective in burning calories, bringing a slim physique.
Regular drinking of 1-2 cups of grape juice after exercise will not only help you to eliminate fatigue but also add nutrients, help blood circulation, and dissolve the excess fat.

How to make nutritious grape juice:

You put 200-300 grams of grapes, sugar and some water in a blender.
Then filter the juice, squeeze a little more lemon and ice depending on your taste.

2. Notes when drinking juice

Do not drink juice when you are sick

For some diseases, drinking fresh fruit juice will be harmful.
If you are suffering from stomach, duodenal or pancreatitis, do not drink sour juices like lemon, apple, etc.These fruits contain many organic substances that increase stomach acid, make you sick. heavier.
People with diabetes should limit the consumption of grape juice because it contains high amounts of glucose and energy.
Many fresh fruits have a laxative effect, so if you have diarrhea you should dilute it with water.

Do not take the medication with fruit juice.

Many juices will be harmful if taken with medication:

If you take the medicine and eat or drink together with grapefruit, there is a risk that the drug will penetrate more into the blood, creating an overdose and unwanted effects.
Apple juice may reduce the absorption of the drug.

Should use squeezer or grater.
There is some opinion that using the press to get water, the vitamins will be destroyed during the operation of the machine, but only for older generation presses. However, squeezed by hand, the vitamin is still lost because the juice is exposed to the air much.

AIDS digestion.

You should drink fruit juice 30-40 minutes before meals or between 2 meals. Drinking the juice too sweet after lunch can increase the fermentation process in the intestines and cause abdominal pain.
You should drink juice immediately after processing. Just a short time even though stored in the refrigerator will reduce the nutritional value of the juice.

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